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Wal-Craft is an international 24/7 minecraft server that goes years back in time, it was originally founded by xiTzJardix and _TheRecovery_, later _TheRecovery_ left and D0ublek1ll joined to help transform it into McGamerZone!

McGamerZone is a fully custom developed Minecraft community in progress, this means that the server isnt open yet. Along with both SpecialCraft and StadioCraft Wal-Craft will be gone as soon as McGamerZone is opened. Is this a problem? We don't think so, we are working for almost 7 months at McGamerZone now and we guerentee you it will be mind blowing!

Wait whut? This means that all my progress will be gone? Yes indeed, but in return you get 100% custom server network with lots of unique minigames and gamemodes for you to play on.

Nice, can i help? Yes ofcource, as you might know projects like this are taking a lot of time to complete and with that they cost a lot of money (Something we dont have a lot of). So if you really want to help us you can show your support by buying a rank on one of the current servers. Dont worry, your rank will be transfered to McGamerZone as soon as it is online.

Hey everyone,

I've got some exciting and less exciting news for you guys today. Since I like to be positive I start with the good stuff:

Our helper Albatross_ (__UtachiSomething__ when we hired him) has been promoted to Moderator, It has been quite a while since a staffmember earned that promotion so #Concratz to him .

We are also closing in to the opening of more McGamerZone beta servers, for now the most important thing to do has become building. It isn't development anymore (it has been over 9 months since building was on our Top Priority list, this also comes with an urgent need for builders. If interested, please let us know using the support ticket system.

We are not going to make the aiming date for release on 01-08-2015, but we are close.. Really close!!! (We cannot tell you another timeframe except "soon".

As you might have noticed by now, after the recent downtime (maintenance) both Wal-craft and Specialcraft have received a nice lobby update. This update is both a visual as a system update, ofcourse there is the new lobby map but there have been some technical improvements as well, especially on the Wal-Craft lobby's.

Now the bad news:

About a week ago 3 staff members quit the team voluntarily, this happened because of many reasons, but the main reason seems to be that we have accepted the application of a new staff member one of those 3 helpers had an issue with. After a lot of talking and chatting I've heard a lot of stuff about them that makes me think "i can't believe i trusted them". Like abusing bugs and not reporting them (Infinity money on Specialcraft factions), and other rare behavior issues.. Their mood in our community was tense for quite a while, so there is a lot of it that has played his part that we won't tell you, that's stuff between us . For those who are curious who these staffmembers where: Octakill, im_just_cocos & ItsYeeah. Because of these (and other) issues all 3 of them have received a permanent IP Ban.

Another helper was fired for staff abuse and inappropriate behavior, this was ClassInSession.

As usual, thanks for reading.


Owner and Founder @ McGamerZone.com
Posted by D0ublek1ll - 3 Comments
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Hey guys,

Finally after a long time of downtime we are back up! We also made some changes:

  • Wal-Craft Hub updated
  • Specialcraft Hub updated
  • Server selector updated
  • Remove old authme on Wal-Craft
  • Added 4 more The Bridge servers
  • Added The Bridge servers on Wal-Craft
  • Removed all data of stadio (Is now pointed to Specialcraft, extra news post about Stadiocraft coming soon)
  • Improved performance on dedicated servers
  • Temporary disabled prison on Wal-Craft
  • Added McGamerZone accounts to Wal-Craft (finally) so now Wal-Craft, specialcraft and the website share the same accounts & sessions.
  • Disabled account migration.
  • Updated the bridge to be fully 1.8 functional. (Added old maps, and stuff)
  • Done some updates.

We all know that it took way to long, but we did our best to get everything back up as fast as possible. 

Thanks for reading.

xiTzJardix | McGamerZone Owner
Posted by xiTzJardix - 58 Comments
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