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Wal-Craft is an international 24/7 minecraft server that goes years back in time, it was originally founded by xiTzJardix and _TheRecovery_, later _TheRecovery_ left and D0ublek1ll joined to help transform it into McGamerZone!

McGamerZone is a fully custom developed Minecraft community in progress, this means that the server isnt open yet. Along with both SpecialCraft and StadioCraft Wal-Craft will be gone as soon as McGamerZone is opened. Is this a problem? We don't think so, we are working for almost 7 months at McGamerZone now and we guerentee you it will be mind blowing!

Wait whut? This means that all my progress will be gone? Yes indeed, but in return you get 100% custom server network with lots of unique minigames and gamemodes for you to play on.

Nice, can i help? Yes ofcource, as you might know projects like this are taking a lot of time to complete and with that they cost a lot of money (Something we dont have a lot of). So if you really want to help us you can show your support by buying a rank on one of the current servers. Dont worry, your rank will be transfered to McGamerZone as soon as it is online.

Hey all,

Tomorrow we will be launching a TheBridge 1.8 event, for those interested. We have a new map (Pirates) ready for use and this one will be played during the event!
The game will have 64 slots and 16 donator slots, as always donators are allowed to join the event 3 minutes earlier.

The event will be launched at 20:00 (8PM) CEST on Sunday 17th May 2015. You can connect to the ServerIP: scplay.net

For a detailed overview of changes made to TheBridge 1.8 please see the changelog below.

We hope to all see you there!

brendsimons and D0ublek1ll
Authors of TheBridge 1.8.

+ Added teamgrief protection with fire/flint-and-steel.
+ Added teamgrief protection with potions.
+ Added 1.8 custom adventuremode (PerfectAdventureGamemode/gm 4).
* Fixed memory leaks and random server crashes.
* Fixed the "going to the main land" bug in all maps.
+ Added 2 new maps.
* Updated old thebridge maps to 1.8.
+ Added restart failsafe.
+ Added new waiting lobby.
+ Added new kit shop.
* Fixed kit storage (More efficient).
+ Added per game (and per player) statistics.
+ Added general shop system.
- Removed code causing D0ublek1ll and xiTzJardix to be kicked with the reason Ebola (http://i.imgur.com/omPBOsM.png) .
+ Added new vote system & Vote item.
+ Added title support.
+ Added new (cluster) management system.
+ Added MGZ Library as dependency.
+ Added MGZ System as dependency.
Posted by brendsimons - 22 Comments
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Hey guys,

So i started a new The bridge map for the 1.8 update, its a pirate themed map with some elements like a slime launcher. But i need some ideas...
So i wanted to ask you guys what you want to see in The bridge. So if you have a good idea for this map, leave a comment below with you're idea.

Posted by creeperking112 - 55 Comments
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A few new players
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