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Wal-Craft is an international 24/7 minecraft server that goes years back in time, it was originally founded by xiTzJardix and _TheRecovery_, later _TheRecovery_ left and D0ublek1ll joined to help transform it into McGamerZone!

McGamerZone is a fully custom developed Minecraft community in progress, this means that the server isnt open yet. Along with both SpecialCraft and StadioCraft Wal-Craft will be gone as soon as McGamerZone is opened. Is this a problem? We don't think so, we are working for almost 7 months at McGamerZone now and we guerentee you it will be mind blowing!

Wait whut? This means that all my progress will be gone? Yes indeed, but in return you get 100% custom server network with lots of unique minigames and gamemodes for you to play on.

Nice, can i help? Yes ofcource, as you might know projects like this are taking a lot of time to complete and with that they cost a lot of money (Something we dont have a lot of). So if you really want to help us you can show your support by buying a rank on one of the current servers. Dont worry, your rank will be transfered to McGamerZone as soon as it is online.

Hey everyone,

It has been a while since we posted a content list for McGamerZone, down below is a list of all minigames and gamemodes we are planning to release with McGamerZone, some of them will be directly available, others are being added later.


- The Bridge (Available for betatesting on scplay.net > server selector > McGamerZone beta > TheBridge)
TheBridge is a 2 teams, 32 players minigame based on a combination from team deathmatch and search and destroy. Destroy the enemy nexus to win the game.

- SurvivalGames Classics
SurvivalGames, who does not know it? Well, we are planning to release a bunch of servers of this classic minigame. Just the way it is supposed to be played.

- SurvivalGames Refreshed
SurvivalGames with special abilities and tools to use, just to make things interesting.

- PartyGames
A special collection of small minigames, just for fun

- Super Craft Mobs
A 4 player deathmatch, can you be the last man standing?

- LuckyBlock skywars
Skywars with the element of suprise, + Luckyblocks of "Super Mario".

- SkyWars
Ofcourse we are adding a bunch of SkyWars servers.

- TnTWars
The famous game with a bunch of TnT Cannons and other stuff, shoot your enemys in their faces and blow their beacons up. (3 Beacons to win)

If you do have any suggestions for simple not to big and fun minigames to be added, feel free to post them in a support ticket.


- Survival
Explains itself.

- Creative
Same as above.

- Skyblock
Survival in a little island floating in the sky, can you become the biggest king of the sky?

- Factions
Team based survival/pvp, find and conquere enemy bases, are you tha king?

- OP Factions
Same as above with a huge startup boost.

- Hardcore Factions
Team based survival/pvp with a death penalty.

And much more..

If you do have any ideas regarding the content on McGamerZone, just tell us. Please don't hesitate!! Our goal is to be the biggest community and offering almost all gamemodes you can think of, so bring it on and share your awesome ideas with us.

Thanks for reading guys, i hope you enjoyed it


Posted by D0ublek1ll - 18 Comments
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Hey all,

Since yesterday we (McGamerZone.com) have an extra minecraft server included in the McGamerZone project, stadiocraft.com!
The server already existed but for some reasons it fell right in our hands to fix it up and make the best out of it. So thats what we are going to do!

Currently the server is a bit messy but we already fixed a ton of bugs and glitches, we also created and released a creative server for stadiocraft.
Also our TheBridge minigame is available on Stadiocraft for beta testing, so you can use stadiocraft for testing that as well.

We are very excited with this new project, we hope you are so too Have a nice day and feel free to come and check it out!
IP: play.stadiocraft.com


D0ublek1ll and xiTzJardix
Owners of mcgamerzone.com
Posted by D0ublek1ll - 13 Comments
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