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Wal-Craft is an international 24/7 minecraft server that goes years back in time, it was originally founded by xiTzJardix and _TheRecovery_, later _TheRecovery_ left and D0ublek1ll joined to help transform it into McGamerZone!

McGamerZone is a fully custom developed Minecraft community in progress, this means that the server isnt open yet. Along with both SpecialCraft and StadioCraft Wal-Craft will be gone as soon as McGamerZone is opened. Is this a problem? We don't think so, we are working for almost 7 months at McGamerZone now and we guerentee you it will be mind blowing!

Wait whut? This means that all my progress will be gone? Yes indeed, but in return you get 100% custom server network with lots of unique minigames and gamemodes for you to play on.

Nice, can i help? Yes ofcource, as you might know projects like this are taking a lot of time to complete and with that they cost a lot of money (Something we dont have a lot of). So if you really want to help us you can show your support by buying a rank on one of the current servers. Dont worry, your rank will be transfered to McGamerZone as soon as it is online.

Hello {username}

The last days lots of things went wrong in snowdown, first of all we updated snowdown with a more efficienter plugin but with some bugs
The positive of this is that it fixed other important bugs.

The most new bugs of this update are also fixed but now we have something else,
the server crashes randomly because of wrong loaded chunks.
We tried to fix this and we hope it worked. If the server crashes again please make a support ticket with the time it happend (and your timezone) so we can look what we can do about it. 

We also received a lot of tickets that players bought something and it disappeared in the next game, this is normally fixed!

If there are other bugs, please make a support ticket with the time when the it happend and your timezone.


Senior Developer at McGamerZone
Posted by iGufGuf - 30 Comments
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Hello Everyone,

Our developers recently coded a plugin that prevent proxy's from entering our server, this news post is to announce that this plugin sometimes denies players from joining whilst they are not using a proxy. We are working on a better system to prevent proxies from joining so for now the plugin is disabled.

This means that the server is temporary vulnerable for bot attacks again. We are working to solve this asap.

Our apologies for the inconvenience this may (have) cause(d) you. 
Thanks for understanding.

Yours sincerely,

D0ublek1ll - Mick
Owner and founder of McGamerZone

To the person who performs these attacks: You can be persistent all you want, but you don't affect our services very much so if you really wish to annoy someone with your bots please go somewhere else.
Posted by D0ublek1ll - 18 Comments
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